Mobile Payments
Mobie allows you use your mobile phone to make payments worldwide at thousands of physical and online stores without a bank account or debit card.
Cash Back Rewards
When the Mobie app is used to make payments with participating retailers, you will get up to 2.5% instant cash back for those purchases.
Peer-to-Peer Payments
Just like the most popular peer-to-peer apps, you can use Mobie to send & receive cash or digital currency from linked accounts or debit cards.
Invite Friends for $$
You can earn money by referring your friends to the Mobie app. In addition, you will earn rewards every time your friends use the Mobie app.
Checking & Savings
Mobie will be a fee free checking account where you can receive payroll, send & receive wires, ACH’s, and more. Also, you can set up unlimited interest bearing savings accounts.
Debit Card
If Mobie app is not accepted at certain retailers, you will be able to pay with your Mobie debit card which can be used anywhere visa or mastercard is accepted.
Bill Pay
Mobie will allow you to pay and manager all your recurring bills and subscriptions directly from your phone using your Mobie bank account or debit card.
Currency Exchange
Mobie will allow you to exchange all major currencies instantly to US Dollars to make payments and use for everyday purchases