One wallet, a world of possibilities.

Make purchases easy on mobile, earn big cash back rewards. Send, spend or exchange money instantly.


Welcome to the new era of payments and rewards.







Welcome to mobie


Checking & Savings

Like a fee free checking account? With Mobie you will be able to receive payroll, send & receive wires, ACHs, and more. Plus, unlimited interest bearing savings accounts.

Debit Card

Debit cards are a smart way to pay. And Mobie will soon be launching the smartest debit card out there!

Bill Pay

No one likes paying bills. But Mobie takes some of the pain away with its easy to use bill pay features.

The mobie difference

Gaming & Esports

Mobie makes life easier and more rewarding for gamers. How? With simple in app purchases that can also help you save big time at the stores you love!

Fee Free Banking

What’s the one thing better than Mobie’s top notch mobile banking app? Not having to pay a cent for it. That’s right Mobie offers fee free banking to all.

Kid’s Wallet

Helping your kids get responsible with their money can be challenging for even the best-intentioned parents. Mobie makes it easier with a fun and simple kid’s wallet.

Contactless Payments

The easiest way to pay is also one of the most secure — tap and scan with Mobie contactless payments and it works with Apple Pay and Google Pay!

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