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A Rewarding Way to Pay
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Instant Painless Payments
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Simple, Accessible, and Rewarding
Join other members and merchants who are discovering a rewarding and painless way to pay.
A World of Possibilities

Instant Payments

Send & receive money from people and businesses in seconds.

Multiple Accounts

All your personal & business accounts in one place.


True contactless payments with a simple scan of your phone.

Shop Anywhere

Shop and pay right from your phone. In the app via the web, or in the store.


Send money to your friends, your relatives or spend at your favorites stores.

Rewards that Matter

Get rewarded and have the flexibility to share with whoever you like.
Painless Payments

Fast & Secure

Pay your friends, family, and favorite retailers with the currency of your choice.

Earn & Save

Earn valuable and meaningful rewards by spending, shopping, or sharing.

Give & Receive

Give your rewards to your favorite charity or a cause that you believe in.

Reduce Cost

Save up to 70% compared to traditional merchants' processing fees.

Instant Payments

Accept payments in multiple currencies. Get paid in the currency of your choice with zero risk.

Grow Your Business

Customized incentives and promotions to build and maintain customer base.

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